Ball of Sardine Tagine Cooking class

the tajine was originally cooked over a wood fire on a “Majmar”, a sort of terracotta barbecue. For many, this remains the cooking method to obtain maximum flavor. This is what we offer as a cooking method for our homestay cooking classes. In modern kitchens, tajine can be put on any type of fire, by inserting a heat diffuser. If you do not have a tajine, the best alternative will be the use of a cast iron casserole. In all cases, favor slow cooking over low heat.


By following this light tajine fish recipe, you will learn how to make a “Shermoula”, a marinade for fish and the foundation of a number of Moroccan fish dishes. The tajine is cooked in a wood fire to make it even better.


To complete your menu, Aisha, our experienced cook offer the following preparations that will compose a traditional Moroccan menu:

  • Traditional soup with rice, beans and milk
  • An elaborate fresh salad
  • Moroccan bread, cooked in an old earthenware stove
  • Traditional dessert: fruit salad with fruit or vegetable juice
Highlights of the Cooking Class Chicken Tagine with preserved Lemon

Duration: 4 to 5h hours (Starting hour: 9:30am; Ending hour: 9pm – estimated)

Availability: every day

Highlights: Preparation of a traditional Moroccan meal and Lunch

Location/Meeting place: Marrakech Medina

Language: English / Frensh / Arabic

Price: 69 / person (all taxes included)

Children 0 to 5 years: Free

Children 6 to 10 years: 50%

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